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Safety Notices

Safety Notices
01/2015 Dangerous Goods Carried by Passengers in Aircraft
02/2015 Flight Crew Pre Flight External Check
03/2015 Procedures for Recognition & Reporting of Suspected Communicable Diseases
04/2015 Safety of Civil Aircraft Operating in the ACCRA FIR
05/2016 Operation Within Libya Including Tripoli FIR
01/2017 Ground de-/anti-icing of aeroplanes; Intake/fan-blade icing and effects of fluid residues on flight controls
02/2017 Safety precautions regarding the transport by air by passengers of portable electronics devices containing lithium batteries
01/2019 Operations in or near conflict zones
02/2019 Ebola epidemic in the democratic republic of the congo
01/2020 Aircraft Tracking Missed Position Report
02/2020 Coronavirus Outbreak
03/2020 Carriage of Dangerous Goods – General Approval (Cononavirus Outbreak)
04/2020 General Exemption (Coronavirus Outbreak)