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San Marino Revamps its Business Aircraft Registry

June 1, 2013   By SMAR News Department

The Director of Civil Aviation and Maritime Affairs of the Republic of San Marino, Eng. Marco Conti, has the honor to welcome Aviation Registry Group, Ltd as their new partner. San Marino is introducing a new aircraft registry in partnership with U.S.-based Aviation Registry Group (ARG), will be outsourcing all technical tasks to ARG, which is promising to ensure high safety standards as well as competitive pricing and first-class service. The registry becomes active on December 1.

San Marino CAA-MMA and ARG have executed an exclusive agreement to promote the registration of civil aircraft and have outsourced several administrative and technical services.

Aviation Registry Group (ARG) has over 20 years of experience in aircraft registration, certification, inspections and civil aviation regulatory compliance and is backed by experience management personnel, which are well regarded in the aviation industry.

The Registry will open for business to all Private and Corporate jets and turbine Helicopters. Foreign nationals and foreign companies may register and maintain the registration of their aircraft in San Marino after simply electing domicile with a local representative. No need to incorporate a San Marino Company. Aircraft registered in San Marino Prefix T7 will not be subject to import duties or value-added tax if the aircraft maximum takeoff weight (MTOW) exceeds 5,700 kg.

The key competitive advantages are as follows:

  • Regulatory framework in compliance with the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) standards.
  • Commitment to customer service and unprecedented delivery times.
  • Secure Mortgage Registry that is registered at the local CAA, and it protects the mortgagee by the CAA not cancelling the registration of an T7- registered aircraft without the mortgagees’ consent or the discharge of the mortgage.
  • Very competitive fees and tariffs delivering exceptional value for money.
  • A comprehensive network of inspectors working to the highest international standards.
  • Registration of Airlines, which are in storage, parked or between leases.
  • Certificates of Airworthiness will be valid for three (3) years.
  • Flight Crew and Engineer License validation will be valid for three (3) years.
  • Time-Frame to register aircraft after airworthiness inspection; 1-2 business days.
  • Mutual Recognition of EASA 145 AMO; regardless of its geographical location.
  • Aircraft owner details are confidential and not public record.
  • High service levels and quality international reputation.
  • OECD White listed Jurisdiction.