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Controller/Pilot Data Link Communications

The CAP 10 | Controller /Pilot Data Link Communications provides guidance material for the operation of San Marino registered aircraft utilising Future Air Navigation Systems (FANS) technology providing direct data link communication between the pilot and the Air Traffic Controller. The system is referred to as Controller/Pilot Data Link Communications (CPDLC) and includes air traffic control clearances, pilot requests and position reporting as well as a company data link facility.

All aircraft operators with proven operational competency, training and documentation in RNP 5 (such as B-RNAV) and RVSM airspace can request approval by submitting FORM SM 30 accompanied by any required supporting documentation.

If you do not hold an approval for RNP 4 airspace from the San Marino CAA, you are then required to request approval by submitting FORM SM 04 accompanied by any required operational supporting documentation.

Reference Documents
CAP 10
Controller - Pilot Data Link Communications
Application for CPDLC Approval