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Maintenance Organisation

CAR GEN Supbart B provides the person or organisation that can perform maintenance on aircraft registered in San Marino.

CAR GEN.010(a) considers that approved maintenance organisations from the following Competent Authorities as meeting the equivalent standards of CAR 145 regulations within the scope of work as stated in the approval.

(1) EASA Part 145 organisation, using an EASA Part 145 approval number; and
(2) UAE GCAA CAR 145 organisation, using a GCAA CAR 145 approval number
(3) Singapore CAAS SAR Part 145 organisation, using a CAAS SAR Part 145
    approval number
(4) EASA Part M Subpart F organisation, using an EASA Part M Subpart F
    approval number
(5) FAA certified 14 CFR Part 145 repair station, using a FAA repair station
    approval number

A Certificate of Release to Service may be issued by those organisations above and the certificate shall be accepted by the CAA SMR provided, in the case of aircraft maintenance, the release statement meets the requirements of CAR GEN.105.

Should an accepted organisation require a letter describing the acceptance by CAA SMR then please click on the appropriate link below:

EASA Part 145 maintenance organisation
UAE GCAA CAR 145 maintenance organisation
Singapore CAAS SAR Part 145 maintenance organisation
EASA Part M Subpart F organisation
FAA certified 14 CFR Part 145 repair station

In cases other than CAR GEN.010(a) approved organisation, a maintenance organisation may be approved subject to its demonstrating to the satisfaction of the CAA compliance with CAR 145 and the requirements. A formal application can be made using FORM SM 61.

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