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Continuing Airworthiness

CAR AIR | Continuing Airworthiness addresses the standards of continuing airworthiness for all aeroplanes and helicopters operated under CAR OPS 2 (General Aviation Operations).

The owner or operator of an aircraft shall have appropriate arrangements for continued airworthiness management required by CAR AIR.

For those owners or operators who subcontract continuing airworthiness management to qualify for a 24 month C of A validity, arrangements can be established by a suitable contract for a minimum of twelve months duration with approved continuing airworthiness management organisations from the following Competent Authorities as defined on CAP 02:

(1) EASA Part M Subpart G, as applicable, approved by an EASA Member State
(2) CAR M Subpart G approved by the UAE GCAA

Details of what, if any, continuing airworthiness tasks are subcontracted and to whom are required to be declared using FORM SM 19.

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